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Earn your Climb verification badge today.

At Climb, we strive to partner with schools that help people reach their goals in financially responsible ways. As a means of promoting the life-changing impact of our partners, we’re equipping them with our verification badge.

This allows our partners to proudly boost their programs as more likely to provide career advancement, upskilling, or career exploration. Our partners now have a major advantage — a value indicator for students who are looking for one final assurance while comparing their options.

If your school provides superior student ROI, this badge is meant for you. Let’s discuss how to get you Climb verified.

    Climb overview

    Climb Credit is a full-service, private student lender that partners with schools who reliably improve the earnings potential of their graduates. As a lender, we develop affordable financing options for anyone who hopes to attend a top career school and boost their earnings potential.

    What do our partners gain from working with us?

    Higher enrollment. We’ve developed a unique risk-share structure that enables us to approve more students, which leads to higher enrollment for our partners.

    Relaxed student experiences. We work with students with all credit scores, and part of our mission is empowering students to make fully-informed financial decisions.

    Dedicated support. We take pride in making life easier for our partners by handling all payment collections, deferral requests, and delinquency cases.

    Earning your badge

    Schools can earn their badge by becoming Climb partners and passing our proprietary verification review. Prior to partnering with a program, we perform an expected ROI calculation in which program cost and typical learner outcomes are reviewed to confirm that the education is expected to generate a positive financial impact. If the program ROI is found to be positive and within range of comparable programs, Climb will pre-approve the program.

    Once we’re partners and have worked with students, we run an additional ROI review based on actual learner-level data provided to or obtained by Climb. Data reviewed includes program completion rates, placement rates, post-program earnings and overall learner satisfaction.

    If the school and program outcomes meet Climb’s required benchmarks, they will receive Climb’s full verification. If the school or program does not meet certain benchmarks, they will be provided tools to improve those outcomes.

    If you have any questions regarding verification and what it takes to become a partner, let’s talk.

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