2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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If there’s one thing that could be considered more stressful than taking out a student loan, it’s buying last-minute holiday gifts. Luckily, just like Climb strives to make the loan process as easy as possible, we’re now here with a gift guide to help take the pain out of choosing a present for your class Secret Santa or your mom who claims she “doesn’t need anything.” So whether you’re a student who’s trying to save money or trying to find the perfect gift for your friend who never stops coding, we’ve got some ideas to share.

December is a prime time for deals — on certain items.

Being a student often means being on a budget, but fortunately there are products that cost less this month, for those of us looking to spread some holiday cheer without spending too much money. One such set of December discount items is kitchenware. For shoppers who need a new pan to take to the holiday potluck, stores tend to reduce their prices around this time. Another place you can find deals is the hardware store; if you need to find a gift for the DIYer in your life, tools also get their prices lowered in December. Also a good deal this month is, a bit surprisingly, toys. According to Benjamin Glaser of DealNews, “the best time to buy is the second week of December, when discounts are at their peak, but selection is still good too … And if you see a deal on a really in-demand toy … snap it up immediately.”

Now, what if you happen to be looking for a gift for a student?

We’ve got some ideas for that as well. Like many of our borrowers, your gift recipient might be in a coding bootcamp. In that case, you might think about a docking station or this deck of UX cards to map out a site’s infrastructure. If you’re a traditionalist who prefers to stick with standard gifts, you could even give this Mac-scented candle. (Yes, that’s a thing that exists. What does it smell like, you ask? No idea. But it might be worth buying just to find out.)

Finally, there’s something that every student desperately wants: energy. You might want to consider getting them something caffeine-related, such as a coffee maker, grounds or tea leaves, or a travel mug — there’s even one you can plug into a USB port or car power adaptor to heat up your coffee! Additionally, there’s a manual grinder, for when you want to get an arm workout in the middle of sitting at your computer, and credit for CUPS, an app that helps you get discounted coffee from local cafes. Don’t want to take the time out of your study session to get a refill? Don’t worry, there’s an absurdly large mug for that. Basically what we’re saying is, caffeine-related products are the gifts that keep on giving.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “2018 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. When I was a student, I just could not without coffee. At home, I used to drink freshly ground coffee, we had a very convenient coffee grinder, and in college I missed it. So for me, the best gift in those years could be a manual coffee grinder, but none of my relatives guessed)))

  2. I couldn’t agree more, “If there’s one thing that could be considered more stressful than taking out a student loan, it’s buying last-minute gifts.” I find it really stressful buying gifts in general for people because you never know if they will appreciate what you have thoughtfully given them or not. However, I love coffee and so do most of my friends, so that always seems to be a safe bet.

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