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Climb Case Study: How ACE Grew Enrollment by 20%

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How American College of Education increased enrollment*​

American College of Education is a fully-online post-secondary school offering a variety of degrees in Education and Healthcare. ACE aims to deliver an education that is not only exceptional but also affordable.

They do this in part by decreasing their reliance on Title IV financing, and opting for more affordable, technology-driven loan options through Climb Credit.

How Climb helps them reach their growth goals​

Climb’s product has helped ACE expand access to their students with a simple-to-use loan application and a state-of-the-art loan management system. Climb and ACE work together to provide a positive experience to students through the following principles:


Climb approves 100%2 of ACE students for financial aid.


ACE and Climb maintain low operating costs with a simple, fully-online system.


ACE and Climb use technology to streamline the student experience and reduce costs.

Technology and customer service

American College of Education took advantage of the Climb application integration, which allows students to move directly from a school application to a Climb loan application with their information pre-filled.


Easy 4:01 minute loan application


Our application integration makes the loan process 90% faster


90% of students rate our customer service as either “good” or “great”

American College of Education testimonial

"Climb makes it possible for ACE students to get access to affordable financing ... through Climb’s risk-sharing model, we can enroll students who may not have qualified for traditional financing and offer all students customized, flexible and affordable terms.”

Dan Holestine, COO | American College of Education

*ACE does not endorse loans originated by Climb InvestCo, LLC, and Climb InvestCo, LLC is not affiliated with ACE. Data was not independently verified by Climb and may not be relied on when making any decision about working with Climb. Enrollment, revenue, or other performance increases at any one school are no guarantee of increases at any other school.
1 Application increase calculated by comparing applications received during 2017 to applications received during a correlating timeframe in 2018.
2 Nearly 100% of students get approved for a Climb loan through the American College of Education. Denials are generally the result of a mistake when entering a social security number (SSN) or address, and/or failing to provide supporting documents requested for SSN, address, or income.
3 Funding increase calculated by comparing the number of funded loans during 2017 to funded loans during a correlating timeframe in 2018.
4 Enrollment increase was self-reported from the American College of Education.

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