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Industry Spotlight: The Road Ahead for Trucking

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Recent years have seen an incredible surge in demand for truck drivers. With such a rapid increase, we’re excited to partner with several programs that offer training for this quickly growing field. What can a career in truck driving mean for you, and how can you get there? Our latest Industry Spotlight, featuring Bill Collins from Interstate Truck Driving School (ITDS), is here with the answers!

What's the outlook for truck driving?

In one word: positive. “Not only are there a significant number of opportunities,” says Bill, “there are also more options regarding the type of work available for the new truck driver.” Whether long-haul driving, crane operating, or instructing, there’s a future in truck driving.

And between steady growth and high demand for drivers, graduates of truck driving programs can feel secure in their new career.

In fact, Bill outlines a feature of ITDS, where they provide direct access to top trucking companies that are hiring new drivers. According to Bill, “[these] trucking companies will provide students with pre-hire job offers prior to completing the training. This feature assures students they will have a job waiting for them upon graduation from ITDS.” Few industries today are able to demonstrate such confidence in the job prospects of those in the field!

How can you get into truck driving?

In order to enter a career in truck driving, you first need your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). But there are plenty of options to make that happen, no matter your current skill level. According to Bill, the “motor skills one must learn to be a successful truck driver can be attained by nearly everyone — however, each individual learns at a different rate and needs the presentation of information tailored to their learning style.”

“Most students,” he says, “are choosing the trucks with automatics now because the majority of trucking companies have made the change away from manual transmissions. The automatics allow new drivers to acquire the skills they need quicker. As another benefit, statistics are demonstrating that new drivers have fewer accidents when they are using trucks with automatic transmissions.”

So where should you look to find a CDL course near you? There are a few great resources out there to find the best school for you, from the CVTA website to Climb’s list of verified partner schools!

Who are our partner schools for truck driving?

We’re proud to partner with several career-advancing programs that work hard to provide the best education possible for their students, often going above and beyond skills training. For example, Bill let us know about a few added benefits ITDS provides, including free classes to prepare prospective drivers for the CDL Permit Test, to help give them a sense of what truck driving is all about before committing their time and money to enroll in a truck driving school, and the job placement service mentioned above.

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