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Which careers are going to be stable and in demand after the COVID-19 outbreak?

Unemployment has sky-rocketed over the past month, and there are many outstanding questions about when the economy will make a full bounce-back. What we do know is that some industries will have more trouble bouncing back, while others may get stronger.

Download the full guide to learn more about which careers can expect stability in 2020 — and how to get them.

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Unsure whether a career in web development or education is right for you, or whether you should pursue healthcare or business administration? Take our quiz to discover which industries are best suited to your skills and interests.

Online career training for unemployed workers​

Explore dozens of online training schools that have been vetted to provide strong career outcomes. All schools in the network also offer manageable payment options ideal for switching careers—where unemployed workers can quickly get approved for financing.

Filter and Sort the database by Career path, Part-time vs. Full time, or cost. 

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Meet Climb

Climb Credit is a student lending platform that makes career creation and transformation more accessible, affordable, and accountable than ever before. Driven by a mission to empower individuals to unlock their career potential — no matter what their credit profile — Climb identifies programs and schools with a demonstrated ability to improve the earnings of their graduates. They then provide learners with financing options that are priced and structured to meet the unique needs of those seeking career elevation and increased earning power. Recognizing the dynamic and diverse nature of an economy in rapid change, Climb partners with schools that teach everything from cybersecurity to pilot training, heavy machine operation to data science, and culinary arts to coding. While some colleges are struggling to meet the real-world needs of their students, Climb and its partner schools are committed to an inspiring practicality that brings real career results as individuals Own Their Next chapter.

* All outcomes information has been collected by Climb on a good-faith-efforts basis. However, this information relies on inputs beyond Climb’s ability to test or control. Accordingly, Climb makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of this information and this information should not be relied on in making a decision whether or not to attend a course at the above-referenced entity. All student experiences are different and outcomes from a program are not guaranteed. 

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