Alternative Financing for Continuing Education Programs

Alternative Financing for Continuing Education Programs

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Meet Climb

Climb is a mission-driven startup working to help schools increase enrollment, access, and affordability by providing alternative financing for career and professional education programs without federal financial aid.

Climb offers financing to people with various credit profiles, to help those who may not otherwise be able to afford tuition.

Students are central to our mission — we bridge the gap between the desire to continue education and the ability to pay for it. And unlike some private loan providers, Climb makes sure people only take out loans that they’ll be able to pay back.

After all, one of the biggest barriers to education is not being able to afford it.

3/4 students say they would not have been able to attend their program without Climb financing.

"[When deciding to go back to school], it would have probably been a huge deterrent if I wasn't able to get the financing from Climb ... and Climb does a really good job of informing you and being very transparent. The documentation is extremely easy to read, the online Portal is simple to use, and it gives me a good idea of where I'm at, how much I owe, what the payment is going to be, so it's probably one of the easiest payments to keep track of out of anything else I have on my plate."

–Luis Rocha, Climb partner school graduate

How we help schools

Climb is the only new marketing strategy that’s both effective and free. Because we only work with schools who’ve had their outcomes verified, prospective students can see you’re a Climb partner and feel confident that you provide career-advancing education. You’ll even be provided with a verification badge that you can place on your website and marketing materials.

And, since we can offer financing to people various credit profiles, helping those who may not otherwise be able to afford tuition, our partner schools can increase their enrollment and cashflow without spending any money — in fact, one Climb partner school saw an enrollment increase of 20%!

Increased enrollments

Enroll more students by marketing customized loan solutions

Custom, non-recourse cash flows

Choose when you get paid, and what you get is yours to keep

Legally compliant

Rest easy — loans are well understood, and Climb is licensed and fully compliant


Design your program to maximize benefits for your school and affordability for your students

Shared data and outcomes

Get data on how well your students are doing through our best-in-class, real-time School Portal and Climb’s concierge Student Surveys


Students reap the benefits of positive outcomes, and you get recognized as being a Climb “ROI Verified” School

"I chose Galvanize partially because you guys were choosy lenders, and one of the places you chose to lend for was Galvanize."​

–David Sudia, Climb partner school graduate​

How we help students

We evaluate and verify every program before offering financing to attend it, so we’re able to help people find the best programs to enable them to reach their goals. Our partner schools are placed on our Discovery Platform, where prospective students can find hundreds of programs to compare by price, location, area of study, and much more. And with our friendly and knowledgeable Student Support Team, we make sure applicants are equipped with everything they need to make an informed decision about their education and financing.

1 Based on 3,506 Climb student graduate survey responses.
2 Based on 588 survey responses in which graduates stated they were unemployed prior to program attendance.
3 Based on 952 survey responses in which graduates informed Climb they’ve held two different jobs since leaving their program.
4 Above outcomes data refers only to programs that have based our career advancement ROI calculation.

“The best thing about Climb has been not worrying about paying for school since day one. Changing or launching your career is daunting enough, and the cost of tuition ... can be very overwhelming. I’m glad I made the leap, however, because paying for school has been the easiest part of the process.”​

–Joshua Jaffe, Climb partner school graduate​​

How Climb financing works

We make it easy to apply for financing to attend your programs — in fact, Climb partners have the option to integrate our application directly into their own online application! Other benefits of a Climb application include:

  • A simple, online application that takes less than five minutes
  • Instant decisions 90% of the time
  • Tuition funds sent directly to the school
  • No hard credit pull until a loan is funded, so students can submit multiple applications with no impact to their credit score
  • Servicing handled by Climb
  • Email and text reminders sent to students to keep them on track with payments
  • Can work with students who need help making their monthly payments

Once you’re a Climb partner, you’ll be paired with a partner advocate who’ll help you navigate and be there throughout the partnership to answer any questions you may have. You’ll also have access to our easy-to-use school dashboard, where you can stay up-to-date on loan applications, request necessary updates for individual applications, and channels to reach out to our team.

“I was very new to this type of lending process, so it was really nice to have this go smoothly when I was already making this huge life decision and these really big commitments."​

–Christy La Guardia, Climb partner school graduate​

Interested in becoming a verified Climb partner?

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