How to Deal With Career Burnout

We’ve all been there: you may be in a job you love, working hard to pursue your passion, but at some point you just get tired. How can you deal with career burnout, when you hit the proverbial wall and feel your motivation and productivity drop? Below, we’ve got some steps you can take to hit refresh and get back on track.

Unplug and take breaks

One of the best ways to stem burnout at work? Disconnecting once you leave the office. It’s important to take breaks from your screen, and your email can wait overnight. If you keep burning the candle at both ends, you’ll run out of energy and momentum in your work.

Even if you were lucky enough to find a “love what you do” career, there will almost certainly be times where it just feels like work, and you find yourself burnt out. When those times come, it can be helpful to have some other passion that you can focus on for a bit, whether it be a creative activity, a social activity, a physical activity, or anything that captures your interest.

Talk to someone

As with many situations in life, finding someone to talk to is key. This can take a couple different directions: having someone in your industry can be helpful when you need an empathetic ear or advice specific to your job or company. On the flip side, however, it’s crucial to have people outside of your job — either friends, family, or a partner — who you can vent to or just have a conversation without the topic automatically turning to work.

This will also help with the above point of unplugging, by providing a space where you can fully disconnect from work.

Identify the real problem

Talking it through with another person can also help you figure out what exactly are some of the things that are leading to your feelings. Is it the people you work with, the company you’re at, or the actual work that is burning you out? Pinpointing the cause (or causes) of your career burnout will better enable you to remedy your situation.

Consider a new career path

Finally, if you’re burnt out at work and nothing seems to be helping, you might reevaluate your current career path. After all, burnout is a common sign that it’s time for a career switch. Look closely at your work and whether you’re truly passionate about it, or if maybe there’s some other industry — or even role in the same industry — that you’d rather pursue.

Then, if you’ve decided it’s time for a career switch, look into the steps you’ll need to take in order to make it happen. That might be networking opportunities, attending events or checking out free online courses, or even taking a class to update your certification!

Career Burnout

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