Select your ClimbPay payment method for Financial Advisor Certification Business Development Only

Financial Advisor Training Institute offers the following payment options through ClimbPay.

By clicking any of the “Select” buttons and submitting a payment, you agree to Climb’s Privacy Policy and Financial Advisor Training Institute’s Payment Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Enrollment Agreement and E-Sign Consent

Upfront Payment

Make one payment — then nothing else.

Single Payment of $8,400

Pay by debit card, credit card or ACH bank transfer - no fees. Make one payment before the start of class and you are all set!


2 Interest-Free Recurring Payments

Pay over time. Payments will be processed automatically.

Two payments of $4,200

Make 2 recurring payments - no fees. Payment due one day before the start of class; next payments processed automatically every 30 days.


ISA and CPP down payment

Make down payment — for ISA and CPP options

Once your Leif Application has been approved make one down payment of $3,000

Pay by debit card, credit card or ACH bank transfer - no fees.


Climb Loan

Low, affordable monthly payments — loans offered by Climb.

~$233 to $376 per month

Pay it off over 42 monthly payments with the option for lower in-class payments. Offer subject to approval and terms vary. Applying does not impact credit score.* Co-borrower options available.


*Climb performs a “soft” credit pull to evaluate eligibility, but this soft credit check will not affect your credit score. A hard credit pull is only performed once the loan is accepted and funded.

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