Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions

The following Payment Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply with respect to your payment of all charges billed to you (a “User” or “you”) by your School, including amounts for services, classes, courses, online programs, and all other associated services (the “Services”). Such payment may be made by enrollment in an automatic payment program offered by School (the “Recurring Payments Program”) or otherwise. The Recurring Payments Program allows you to authorize electronic billing for the Services and allows these bills to be paid automatically, on a recurring basis for each billing cycle, by authorizing School to either: (i) bill a payment card or (ii) draw a draft on an account you maintain at a bank, credit union, or other financial institution. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other document with respect to payment for Services, these Terms and Conditions will govern.

1. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply with respect to payment for the Services and, if applicable, online enrollment and dis-enrollment for the Recurring Payments Program:

  • Agents” means School’s agents and service providers.
  • Bill Payment,” with respect to these Terms and Conditions, means a bill payment authorized to be made using the Recurring Payments Program.
  • Billing Account,” with respect to these Terms and Conditions means your account with your School into which charges are posted for Services.
  • Business Day” refers to any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, Federal Reserve holiday, or bank holiday.
  • Due Date” refers to the date when a Bill Payment is due, as set forth on a billing invoice presented by School or School’s agents.
  • Payment Account” means the deposit account or payment card account designated by a user from which Bill Payments are automatically debited using the Recurring Payments Program.

2. Enrollment In and Dis-Enrollment from Recurring Payments Program

The Recurring Payments Program allows users to authorize Bill Payments to be made, on a recurring basis for each billing cycle, for School Services and other fees or charges authorized to be added to the user’s Billing Account. Enrollment in the Recurring Payments Program constitutes authorization for School to debit a Payment Account for the amount of each bill presented to the enrollee and to credit the payment to a Billing Account until such time as you dis-enroll from the Recurring Payments Program. Upon enrolling in the Recurring Payments Program, the enrollee’s Bill Payments will be made on an ongoing basis by charging an account of the enrollee beginning on the Due Date of next Bill Payment that comes due after enrollment and continuing until such time as enrollment in the Recurring Payments Program is terminated. It can take up to one week for your Recurring Payments Program to become effective.  

You may contact School to dis-enroll from the Recurring Payments Program or cancel a Bill Payment. You must notify us in writing at least 15 days prior to the next billing date of your intent to dis-enroll from the Recurring Payments Program and cancel your automatic Bill Payment. You are responsible for all recurring charges made prior to the effective date of cancellation. School shall have no responsibility for stopping a Bill Payment when such Bill Payment is already in the process of being made through a previously authorized payment method at the time a User requests that the Bill Payment be stopped or becomes dis-enrolled from the Recurring Payments Program. As referred to herein, late charges and other consequences can result from a failure to pay for Services when billed or for failing to keep your Billing Account current and in good standing.

3. Authorization for Payments; Payment Processing

These Terms and Conditions govern any payment by you of any charges relating to Services, including charges that are and are not pursuant to a Recurring Payments Program; you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions as you are authorizing the applicable charge(s) relating to the Services as set forth in your online checkout flow.

When you provide a credit or debit card number to us to activate and/or pay for any fees related to the Services, we, through our third-party payment processor, may seek pre-authorization of your payment card account prior to a purchase in order to verify that the payment card is valid and/or has the necessary funds or credit available to cover your purchase. These pre-authorizations will reduce your available balance by the authorization amount until it is released or reconciled with the actual charge. Please contact your card issuer if you have additional questions regarding when an authorization amount will be removed from your statement.

School currently uses third-party payment processors for electronic commerce. Our third-party payment processor accepts payments through methods detailed on the applicable payment screen, which may include various bank debits, credit cards, and debit cards. Only those payment methods accepted by our third-party payment processor can be used. Neither School nor its Agents make any representations and warranties about the continued availability of any particular form of payment method made available for use with the Services. Information that you supply to School’s payment processors is subject to each of the third-party payment processors’ own privacy policies and terms and conditions. Use of such third-party payment services is subject to their terms and conditions of use. Third-party payment processors may charge a fee to process payments. Multiple charges during the same period may be aggregated together. Neither School nor its agents are responsible, in any manner, for any fees charged by them. School and its agents expressly disclaim all liability or responsibility regarding any problems that you may have with third-party payment processors.

4. Bill Payments

Each Bill Payment made through the Recurring Payments Program is drafted from the customer’s Payment Account and posted to the appropriate Billing Account on the Due Date shown on the billing invoice provided to you by School. If a Bill Payment fails due to insufficient funds or for any other reason after being posted to the user’s Billing Account, the posting will be reversed and the User may be subject to a late charge and/or other possible consequences for non-payment, including but not limited to being dis-enrolled from the Recurring Payments Program and/or having Services suspended. If receipt by School of such a delayed Bill Payment or delay in posting a Bill Payment to a Billing Account or receipt of funds from drafting a Payment Account occurs, any applicable late fee resulting from such delay will be suspended or refunded by School if, but only if, the error was solely caused by School (or its Agents), the Bill Payment was properly and timely authorized in accordance with all terms, conditions, and policies applicable to use of the Recurring Payments Program, and absent these circumstances, it should have been posted and paid in a timely manner.

Bill Payments will be scheduled for, or as close as reasonably possible to, the Due Date for the bill being paid.  Because of the timing of Business Days and to ensure timely payments, a payment may be processed up to four Business Days before the Due Date.  Users need to have available funds in their applicable Payment Account at least four Business Days before the Due Date to ensure that a payment is not returned.  Use of the Recurring Payments Program further constitutes the customer’s authorization for School and its Agents to credit the designated account for erroneous debits or charges made to such account.

5. Payment Cancellation Requests

School’s ability to address a request for cancellation of a Bill Payment will depend upon the timeliness of the request and whether the Bill Payment has already been entered into and/or cleared through the payment process. After any Bill Payment has been scheduled and the process for debiting a Payment Account has begun, it cannot be cancelled by School, and the customer’s only recourse is to seek the entry of a stop payment order by the depository institution (bank or credit union) or the payment card issuer where the Payment Account is located. School will make reasonable efforts to stop Bill Payments when a cancellation is received by School at least 3 business days before the next scheduled draft of your Payment Account. Although School will use reasonable efforts to respond to a request to cancel a Bill Payment, School can provide no assurance that a cancellation can be accomplished and will have no liability with respect thereto. In the event your Bill Payment is canceled, you will be responsible for payment of any charges imposed by a depository institution or credit card company in connection with the stop payment order and for making any necessary alternative arrangements to pay your bills in a timely manner.

6. School’s Responsibility

School or its Agents will inform the customer of the amount that is due and that will be debited from the customer’s account at least 10 days before the date the funds are debited, or a shorter time period if permitted by the law or regulations.  This notification will act as your monthly billing invoice.

7. User Responsibilities

It is always the responsibility of Users of the Recurring Payments Program to contact School directly if they do not receive their billing statements either electronically, by mail, or otherwise, and if any electronic Bill Payment transaction initiated by such User shall have failed or not been processed in a timely and accurate manner. It is the responsibility of each User of the Recurring Payments Program to review such User’s bills for Services in a timely manner and to bring any errors, omissions, or questions to School’s attention. Suspected errors or omissions in a User’s bill or questions about the Recurring Payments Program or any failed Bill Payment should be directed promptly to School Customer Service at the email address, telephone number, or address provided on the enrollment page or enrollment agreement.

ERROR RESOLUTION: In case of errors or omissions, please contact the School immediately.

You will receive a receipt for each payment made from your Payment Account.  The payments will appear on a statement issued by your financial institution (bank or credit union) or payment card issuer that holds your Payment Account.  In case of any errors or questions about a payment from a Payment Account, you should immediately contact School using the information above.  In reporting any suspected billing errors or omissions, you should be prepared to provide your name, address, Billing Account number, and a description of the suspected error or omission, as well as the amount of any such suspected error, or Bill Payment failure. If you contact School by telephone, School reserves the right to require that any question, suspected error or omission, or Bill Payment failure described by you be submitted to School in written form within ten (10) days after you have  contacted School. School will make every effort to respond to questions and advise customers within a reasonable time of any actions to be taken in regard to suspected billing errors or omissions, or Bill Payment failures.

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