About Climb

About Climb

Our mission

Expand access to career-advancing education

How it works

We partner with career-focused programs.
We identify, assess, and partner with schools that offer skill-based education.

We offer payment options for our partner schools.
We then provide accessible, affordable payment options to attend these programs.

We align goals for better results.
Our vision is to improve the alignment of school motivations with student goals to ensure that our students see a tangible, life-changing impact from their education.

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But our mission doesn’t stop when a student starts class.

On-hand support team
For questions about payments, loan terms, and more, our friendly and knowledgeable Student Success Team is available to provide support and information. We can be reached through live chat at climbcredit.com and email at hello@climbcredit.com, 10am–8pm Monday–Friday.

For all alumni of our partner computer science and business training programs — regardless of whether or not they use our payment options — we’ve also launched ClimbTalent, a free career development platform where you can access job listings, career development resources, training tools, mentorship opportunities, and more. Click the link below to create a free account!

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At Climb, our values are in service of schools and students. We strive to uphold our values every day.

Build a better system

Incentives within the education financing system are inherently unaligned. We are part of the move to realign the goals of schools, learners, and financing companies to promote the best interest of our learners.

Succeed Together

Teamwork is the key to success, and we'll only be able to carry out our mission if we do it together with integrity, collaboration, and trust.

Iterate and Experiment

We take calculated risks and do not shy away from large and complicated challenges — we optimize for upside impact more than downside mitigation or effort minimization. No experiment is a failure if it generates insights.

Drive Access & Inclusivity

We don’t think limited credit history or lower credit scores should keep people from an education or career. So we built financing products that are accessible to everyone — and have built Climb Credit Score, a credit scoring service that uses over 150 data points to analyze and assess credit profiles and gain a more holistic view of applicants.

Own the Solution

Accountability and ownership are key with a small team. Every person who works at Climb is a champion for our schools and learners, and when we come across challenges, our first instinct is to drive toward solutions.

We're dedicated to protecting your privacy.

As part of our commitment to data security for our learners and partners, we completed SOC 1 & 2 audits and have earned this badge.

Meet the team

  • Our HQ is in Las Vegas, with a hub in New York City, and we have employees across the US and independent contractors across the globe.
  • We’re a hybrid, distributed team who finds ways to connect over Slack and Zoom via virtual activities (dumpling making, anyone?) and in-person events.
  • 45% of leadership positions are held by women
  • We’re a people-centric organization, committed to fostering a community where our team feels welcome, seen, and heard.

Join the team

Are you looking for a job that can help you make a difference in people’s lives, while spending your day with coworkers who are passionate about what they do? Climb is hiring!

Through unconscious bias training, a series of values-based interview questions, and a focus on diversity-first job boards, we are committed to cultivating a team that recruits, retains, and celebrates a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We attend, as a full team, regular DEI-related training and celebrate our differences in Employee Resources Groups.

Check out our open job postings below, and apply to join to help make an impact alongside our driven and supportive team:

How to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp

Total rewards

Including competitive salary, equity and bonus, and an annual education stipend

Health benefits

Coverage for medical, dental, and vision costs, life insurance, and more


Unlimited vacation days, remote work options, "Summer Friday" afternoons off, and paid parental leave

How to Choose a Student Loan


In-person and virtual team events, DoorDash Wednesdays, and DEI task force

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