About Climb

About Climb

Our mission

Expand access to career-advancing education

How it works

We evaluate schools for education value.
We identify, assess, and partner with schools that help people reach their goals in a financially responsible way.*

We offer loans for valuable education.
We then provide accessible, affordable payment options to attend these schools.*

We align goals for better results.
Our vision is to improve the alignment of school motivations with student goals to ensure that our students see a tangible, life-changing impact from their education.*

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What we're doing is working

Climb Salary Increase
Climb Job Creation
Climb Job Growth

1 Based on 3,506 Climb student graduate survey responses.
2 Based on 588 survey responses in which graduates stated they were unemployed prior to program attendance.
3 Based on 952 survey responses in which graduates informed Climb they’ve held two different jobs since leaving their program.
4 Above outcomes data refers only to programs that have based our career advancement ROI calculation.

Our values

Put our learners first

  • Climb has a lot of stakeholders, but the learners are the most diverse and underrepresented voice relative to others. Therefore, this value is important so that we can hold ourselves and other stakeholders accountable to the impact on the learner first and foremost.
  • Learners represent the notion of continuous learning which Climb believes is the future of our education system.
  • Our business doesn’t exist without our learners, our goals are often going to orient toward growth and volume, but all of these numbers have an actual person on the other end making a massive life decision with enormous consequences. We can’t forget that.

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Build a better system


  • This is what it is all about — changing the status quo for the better.
  • The incentives of the current system are inherently unaligned, we will be a part of the move to realign the incentives of the education system to drive the interest of our learners.
  • It will be hard to change the system, it always is, but we will succeed if we are passionate about the change we advocate for and the learners and partners we support.
  • We are also always seeking to improve our system at Climb - what we do and the way we do business to make Climb a better company.

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Own the solution

  • Being solution-oriented enables us to focus on what we’re doing next, not what happened in the past.
  • We own the agreements we make — whether they are small or large - we can be counted on to do what we say, when we say it.\
  • It’s never not our problem. We take ownership of our challenges because we know we control our own destiny.
  • There is no problem that doesn’t have a solution, it just takes creativity and perseverance.

Iterate and experiment

  • The problems we’re solving are big and audacious; therefore, the solutions aren’t always obvious. We operate around this through experimentation to find the right way forward.
  • No experiment is a failure if it generates insights. Mistakes and incorrect conclusions aren’t problems, they are answers to questions we’ve asked.
  • We are thoughtfully decisive in our actions once we have the information we need.
  • We take calculated risks and do not shy away from the big hairy audacious goal — we optimize for upside impact more than downside mitigation or effort minimization.

Succeed together

  • Teamwork is the key to success — we’re in it together and will only succeed if we do it together.
  • Our business is inherently cross-functional, nothing can be done in a silo, therefore we actively collaborate and build trust.
  • We put honesty, transparency of information, and integrity above all else.
  • Employees that optimize their time for their team and Climb’s growth beyond their individual accomplishments, regardless of his or her job title or function, are rewarded. This is how we work together.

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Total rewards

Including competitive salary, equity and bonus, and an annual education stipend

Health benefits

Coverage for medical, dental, and vision costs, life insurance, and more


Unlimited vacation days, remote work options, "Summer Friday" afternoons off, and paid parental leave

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In-person and virtual team events, DoorDash Wednesdays, and DEI task force