About Climb

About Climb

Our mission

Expand access to career-advancing education

How it works

We evaluate schools for education value.
We identify, assess, and partner with schools that help people reach their goals in a financially responsible way.*

We offer loans for valuable education.
We then provide accessible, affordable payment options to attend these schools.*

We align goals for better results.
Our vision is to improve the alignment of school motivations with student goals to ensure that our students see a tangible, life-changing impact from their education.*

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What we're doing is working

Climb Salary Increase
Climb Job Creation
Climb Job Growth

1 Based on 3,506 Climb student graduate survey responses.
2 Based on 588 survey responses in which graduates stated they were unemployed prior to program attendance.
3 Based on 952 survey responses in which graduates informed Climb they’ve held two different jobs since leaving their program.
4 Above outcomes data refers only to programs that have based our career advancement ROI calculation.

Our values

Put our learners first

  • Climb has a lot of stakeholders, but the learners are the most diverse and underrepresented voice relative to others. Therefore, this value is important so that we can hold ourselves and other stakeholders accountable to the impact on the learner first and foremost.
  • Learners represent the notion of continuous learning which Climb believes is the future of our education system.
  • Our business doesn’t exist without our learners, our goals are often going to orient toward growth and volume, but all of these numbers have an actual person on the other end making a massive life decision with enormous consequences. We can’t forget that.

Build a better system


  • This is what it is all about — changing the status quo for the better.
  • The incentives of the current system are inherently unaligned, we will be a part of the move to realign the incentives of the education system to drive the interest of our learners.
  • It will be hard to change the system, it always is, but we will succeed if we are passionate about the change we advocate for and the learners and partners we support.
  • We are also always seeking to improve our system at Climb - what we do and the way we do business to make Climb a better company.

Own the solution

  • Being solution-oriented enables us to focus on what we’re doing next, not what happened in the past.
  • We own the agreements we make — whether they are small or large - we can be counted on to do what we say, when we say it.\
  • It’s never not our problem. We take ownership of our challenges because we know we control our own destiny.
  • There is no problem that doesn’t have a solution, it just takes creativity and perseverance.

Iterate and experiment

  • The problems we’re solving are big and audacious; therefore, the solutions aren’t always obvious. We operate around this through experimentation to find the right way forward.
  • No experiment is a failure if it generates insights. Mistakes and incorrect conclusions aren’t problems, they are answers to questions we’ve asked.
  • We are thoughtfully decisive in our actions once we have the information we need.
  • We take calculated risks and do not shy away from the big hairy audacious goal — we optimize for upside impact more than downside mitigation or effort minimization.

Succeed together

  • Teamwork is the key to success — we’re in it together and will only succeed if we do it together.
  • Our business is inherently cross-functional, nothing can be done in a silo, therefore we actively collaborate and build trust.
  • We put honesty, transparency of information, and integrity above all else.
  • Employees that optimize their time for their team and Climb’s growth beyond their individual accomplishments, regardless of his or her job title or function, are rewarded. This is how we work together.

Meet the team

Learn more about the dedicated people working hard to increase access to high-value career training!

Angela Galardi Ceresnie is the CEO of Climb Credit. She joined Climb as the Chief Operating Officer in 2016 and quickly helped shape the operations, culture, and future of the Climb, earning her the role of CEO in 2018. Prior to Climb, Angela co-founded and was COO/CFO of Orchard Platform — a provider of software and data products offered to institutional investors to purchase loans from marketplace lenders (acquired by Kabbage). Before her time at Orchard, she spent nine years running credit risk analytics teams at American Express and Citibank, where she made billions of dollars' worth of data-driven credit decisions.

Casey Powers is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of Climb’s business. Her teams include corporate finance, capital markets, loan operations, customer service, and general executive oversight of the legal and human resource functions. Casey began her career in investment banking, rising to a Vice President at Goldman Sachs in the Municipal and Infrastructure Finance group. After leaving Wall Street, she went on to earn her Masters at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and in the past decade has held leadership positions at several “mission-driven” financial technology companies. Casey joined Climb in 2019. She lives in East Hampton, New York, with her husband and three young daughters.

Sean Fitzgerald has over 20 years of leadership experience working in venture-backed SaaS companies and on Wall Street. Most recently, Sean was CEO of Savii, Inc. (acquired), a venture-backed SaaS company that automates workflows for home care agencies. Prior to Savii, Sean was COO and CFO of The GenSight Group, a SaaS New Product Development workflow platform, and Executive Vice President of education technology innovator EverFi. Prior to EverFi, he was a Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers and Vice President at Bank of America, and he also spent three years teaching in Chicago. Sean holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Master of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University. He is a CFA Charterholder.

Ravi Chugh joined Climb in October 2020. He brings to Climb deep experience in the edtech sector, having co-founded and served as head of product for two companies. Ravi has managed teams of over 400 people and led product strategy impacting over 1.5 million users. His most recent venture, upGrad, is one of India’s largest online education companies with 350,000 users and >$60 million in annual revenues. It was named a top 10 innovative company by Fast Company and a top 25 startups to work for by LinkedIn. Ravi has also previously worked in management consulting with Parthenon-EY, helping a variety of education clients in market entry strategy, growth, and due diligence projects across emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Ravi was named to Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 and is an IIT - Delhi computer science graduate.

Greg leads the technical operations and product development here at Climb. For over a decade Greg has been working with tech startups to build their infrastructure and engineering teams. As an engineering leader Greg brings experience from a range of industries working with notable companies such as WeWork, Squarespace, and Stealthbits.

Raza is responsible for overseeing relationships with all of our great school partners. Growing up in the developing world, he witnessed first-hand the stasis in opportunity and upward trajectory caused by lack of access to career-advancing education. Raza believes most of the world's problems can be solved by education and is inspired to be at Climb every day to further this mission. With 5+ years in finance and consumer internet experience across North America, Europe, Middle East, and South Asia, his previous experience includes helping develop and scale a venture-backed tech-travel company as their first employee and serving as an Investment Banking Division analyst at Goldman Sachs. He holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.

Alécia acts as General Counsel for Climb, overseeing the legal, compliance, and people operations functions. Prior to joining Climb, Alécia served on the legal team at OnDeck, the leading online small business lender in the US, including acting as general counsel for OnDeck's Canada expansion. She also led the Operations Strategy and Solutions team responsible for identifying and driving operational efficiencies. Prior to joining OnDeck, Alécia’s legal practice focused on financing and other corporate transactions at two major US law firms. Alécia has strong interests in fintech, impact investment, and education, and her experience includes a fellowship in Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on post-secondary student loans and serving on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Community Education Services Canada.

Alexis graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Quantitative Finance and has since spent the past six years gaining industry experience in quantitative financial modeling, credit risk, valuations, algorithmic programming, and data analytics roles. Previous positions include credit risk valuations and model validation consulting at KPMG, student loan performance analysis and model development at Navient (Sallie Mae), and options pricing for hedge fund clients at State Street Corporation.

Anna graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism and has written for The Las Vegas Review-Journal. She is passionate about problem-solving and creating the best possible solutions for Climb Credit borrowers and school partners. In her free time, she enjoys locating and devouring the best tacos in the Southwest.

Carlos is a programming polyglot who graduated from Boston University in 2016. He loves Java, Python, JavaScript, Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, and pretty much everything that can be displayed on a screen. When he is not coding, he likes to teach marketing and technology, as well as traveling and hiking.

David has 12+ years of experience in software engineering. He graduated with a BS in computer science and MS in applied math and statistics from Stony Brook University. As a first-generation American and lifelong New Yorker, he appreciates the value and importance of Climb’s mission. When not coding, his passions include hiking, traveling, finding a good bowl of pho, and perfecting his grilled cheese sandwiches.

Emma grew up in Washington, DC and graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Finance and Economics. Prior to Climb, she worked in asset and wealth management at J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank. Outside of work, Emma enjoys cooking, trying new workout classes, and exploring NYC!

Gabe has 7+ years of experience in technology in financial services. He graduated from the M&T Program at the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and a BS of Economics, with a concentration in Finance from The Wharton School. When not coding away or working on Climb’s Risk Score model, he can be found rock climbing in a gym or in Central Park.

Over 15 years of experience in credit and capital markets. Gautam was previously a Portfolio Manager and Analyst for global and special situation credit hedge funds. He has also managed back-office operations and developed proprietary credit default and risk models.

Grant graduated from Wake Forest University in 2017. Prior to joining Climb, he worked at JP Morgan in their Asset Management division. He is excited to be a part of the Climb team and work with partners to expand their student reach. Outside of work, Grant enjoys reading biographies, attending concerts, and backpacking in the wilderness.

Jazmyn is a graduate of Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences with a background in Political Science. Prior to Climb she worked in retail as an assistant manager for four years. Outside of work, she pursues her passions for running and theatre.

When Jim isn’t playing guitar, doodling, or practicing his Smash Bros skills, he likes to put his University of Michigan degrees in Business and Computer Science to use, doing his part on the engineering team to make applying for student loans the easiest part of the whole school thing. Fun fact: after being an engineer for 20 years, Jim’s pops went to culinary school and was a chef for a hot sec. Less fun fact: Jim has work experience in game dev, healthcare, performance monitoring, and municipal economic development.

Graduated from Jaipur National University with a focus on Commerce. She is busy enhancing the operational platform at Climb and is known for her diligent work ethic — picking up projects quickly and leaving no stone left unseen by her eyes. She’s athletic and loves listening to music which not only brightens up her mood but also makes her dance to its beats.

Katie is a graduate of Georgetown University. She’s very excited to be a part of the Partner Success Team, as her role combines her experience as an account manager at J.P. Morgan with the passion she developed for impact lending while serving as the CFO of a nonprofit microlending organization in Washington, D.C. When she’s not in the office, Katie is likely listening to podcasts or searching for a new restaurant to try in the city.

Laura has 5+ years experience in developing marketing strategies, managing digital marketing campaigns, and creating content. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism-Advertising from San Diego State University and a background in creative writing. Her hobbies include exploring the city, eating good food, and taking selfies with cats.

Laura is NJ native znc graduated from Caldwell College (now University) with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Arts. Prior to working in customer service, she worked in post-production for films, commercials, and music videos in NYC! Outside of work, she enjoys video gaming and binge-watching TV shows and music videos on Youtube.

Lily graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She has 5+ years experience in Business Development and B:B and B:C partnerships, originally cutting her teeth working on the first Partnerships team at ClassPass as a top performer. Lily joined Climb in June 2016 and currently works remote in Seattle. In her spare time, Lily devours personal finance blogs, is a runner, and travels.

Nichole attended the College of Southern Nevada, majoring in Psychology, and she has more than a decade of customer care experience in financial services. An adventure enthusiast, baking aficionado, and social service warrior, Nichole also has a penchant for colorful hair, live music, and the zen of personal space. 

Rachel graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Politics. She has over four years of experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis from her previous role as a bond analyst at Fitch Ratings. At Climb, Rachel conducts analysis used to approve and help maintain partner schools.

A graduate of the University of Kansas with degrees in English and anthropology, Rachel loves getting the chance to create and constantly learn amongst the passionate and dedicated people at Climb. When not writing, editing, and designing for Climb, she’s working backstage for her theatre troupe and is on a constant search for the best cup of coffee in NYC.

Rebecca is a graduate of New College of Florida, an honors college, where she wrote her Economic undergraduate thesis. She taught English in Spain for two years before returning home to New York. After joining a performance-based digital marketing company, Rebecca specialized in email marketing and managed a team. Excited to have joined the Climb team, Rebecca is working to expand the email program. Outside of work, she enjoys developing her Spanish and French language proficiencies.

Rose is the HR Generalist at Climb. Rose wears many hats at Climb, including managing Climb's state lending licenses. Before joining Climb, Rose graduated from Bentley University and was managing operations at the college’s football team while attending school. In her free time, she likes to indulge in the arts and volunteer with New Jersey National Guard family programs. Rose has always had a passion for equality, diversity, and creating opportunities for those in need.

Roy has over ten years of experience in banking, lending, payments, and financial services with Wells Fargo and Bank of Nevada. Roy graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with BSBA Economics. At Climb, Roy heads our satellite office in Las Vegas, NV to help expand Climb’s national reach and west coast operations for schools and students.

University of Wisconsin graduate. Climbed aboard in our early days as a member of the Operations team. Has since been thrilled to develop with the company and fulfill her dream of learning to code. Advocating Climb's ethos from an especially personal perspective, Thea transitioned into an Engineering role after taking a Web Development course with General Assembly!

Victoria joined Climb in 2015 to help our school partners achieve their goals where she led the development of various financial and technical improvements to Climb's products. She is now a Product Manager. Outside of work, you can find her backcountry camping, playing beach volleyball, or gardening.

Vikki a New York native who works to create a fun and effective working environment at Climb. She graduated from SUNY New Paltz’s Psychology and Theatre Arts programs, where she advocated to create inclusive and diverse artistic opportunities on campuses. Outside of Climb, Vikki is either writing, working within the arts, or looking for new places to eat!

Zach runs the Capital Markets team at Climb, which is responsible for loan investor relations and origination, risk modelling and pricing, and loan operations. He brings to Climb over a decade of experience in the capital markets as a trader, structurer, and banker of consumer- and mortgage-related credit for Deutsche Bank and MUFG, both in the US and Asia. Zach holds an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School and an SB in Computer Science from MIT.

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