Alternative Financing for Career Training and Trade Schools

Alternative financing for career training and trade schools

Increase enrollment

Expand access to your programs

How to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp

Extend financing to students who couldn't enroll before

Financing programs customized for your students.

  1. Financing isn’t one-size-fits-all — we partner with career-advancing training programs to create payment products that work for them and their learners.
  2. We remove the administrative burden from your school by handling all servicing and repayment with a dedicated Partnerships Team.

One Climb partner school saw:

Higher approvals

More financing options

Higher enrollment

**Based on credit report remarks; estimated figure may be closer to >50%
*Based on 2018 vs. 2019 cumulative enrollments; Climb implemented July 2018

3 out of 4 students say they would not have been able to attend their program without climb financing.

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    See what learners have to say about Climb

    "[When deciding to go back to school], it would have probably been a huge deterrent if I wasn't able to get the financing from Climb ... and Climb does a really good job of informing you and being very transparent. The documentation is extremely easy to read, the online Portal is simple to use, and it gives me a good idea of where I'm at, how much I owe, what the payment is going to be, so it's probably one of the easiest payments to keep track of out of anything else I have on my plate."

    –Luis Rocha, Climb partner school graduate

    "I chose Galvanize partially because you guys were choosy lenders, and one of the places you chose to lend for was Galvanize."​

    –David Sudia, Climb partner school graduate​

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