Data Scientist Salary

What Can You Do With a Data Science Certificate?

Data science is one of the fastest-growing industries right now — in fact, the average entry-level salary for a data scientist is $85,553! But this is a relatively new and nebulous field, and training in data science could pave the way to several different careers. A data science program doesn’t just lock you into a job as a “data scientist.” So what are some jobs you can get with a data science degree? We’ve put together five examples below!

Data scientist

“A data scientist or engineer may be X% scientist, Y% software engineer, and Z% hacker,” according to Toptal. They collect and analyze various data in order to help businesses perform better, using data visualization to present their findings and building AI systems to automate these processes.

Average Salary: $95,948

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence in which systems use data to spot patterns and make decisions based on that data. Machine Learning Engineers design, develop, and test these machine learning systems.

Average Salary: $112,095

Data analyst

Though often confused with data scientist, data analytics differs quite a bit. This role involves gathering data in order to spot patterns and insights, then packaging the findings into reports.

Average Salary: $59,335


As a statistician, you would process and analyze various data, taking your findings to their employer in order to provide strategic and decision-making advice.

Average Salary: $72,070


To quote Meteorologist Scott Dimmich, “The best meteorologists I know use quality data to tell a quality story.” In this case, you would use weather data to inform people of what’s happening in their area and what impact the weather could have on them.

Average Salary: $54,292

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*Salary data gathered from payscale.com

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