The Career Learnscape: Lifelong Learning Meets Workforce Planning

Today’s workforce needs are shifting so rapidly — with new innovative technology disrupting nearly every industry — that it’s more important than ever before for workers and employers to identify skill gaps and work to upskill. There are also more companies than ever focused on filling this need. To help visualize the full market of career-building companies , we’ve developed The Career Learnscape. Check it out below!

There are a number of stages in the process of building a fulfilling and lucrative career—and a number of companies working to help both individuals and employees navigate the needs of today’s workforce.

Choosing a career

As individuals look to choose their career path, there are a number of data services and research/career-pathing companies focused on helping individuals find a career that meets their personal and financial goals.  

Simultaneously, as employers look to fill the gaps in their workforce there are counseling and recruiting companies working to connect employers with workers straight out of skill-building programs.

Finding a role

Once the path is chosen, individuals have the ability to find actual roles through a number of job boards, freelancing sites, and social networks. There are also opportunities to build experience through short-term gigs and contract work to help level up in a career path quickly.

On the employer side, many companies have developed apprenticeships — both internally and with the help of apprentice program partners — to serve as a bridge to lucrative, long-term employment for entry-level workers. Some of these companies also allow employers to post gig work directly — filling their immediate needs, while also offering experience to workers.

Gaining the skills

Whether an individual is new to a career or not, as new technology disrupts nearly every industry, there’s bound to be a certain point where a skill gap needs to be filled or reskilling needs to occur. From soft skills to technical skills, there are a number of resources available to help students find and attend certificate programs to gain new skills and earn more money.

Employers are also working to identify skill gaps and up-skill workers on a mass scale. Some of these companies help employers assess their workforce to identify the gaps and skills needed, and others offer a platform for employees to access education as an employer benefit.

Getting the job

Finally, once the skills have been gained, there are a number of companies that are focused on helping workers land a great job and excel in their career. From career coaching, to resume-writing, to tailored placement, skilled workers have options when it comes to landing a good job and rising in the ranks.

Some companies also help employers fill their highly-skilled skill gaps and tap into their current talent pools with internal recruiting resources and talent-optimization software.

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