Upskilling Important

Why Upskilling is Important

Upskilling — diversifying and developing your abilities as an employee through additional training — is becoming an ever more crucial element to a person’s career path. But before you take the steps to build new job skills, you might be wondering why upskilling is important in the first place. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits it can provide to you and your work life!

Increase your job security

When it comes to employees, no one wants to lose someone who understands the latest tools and trends in their industry. Increasing the breadth and depth of your knowledge through upskilling can, in addition to boosting your proficiency and productivity, also demonstrate to the company that you’re an important asset to the business that they can’t afford to miss.

Advance in your field

Adding new and valuable skills doesn’t just help ensure that companies will want to keep you around. It also makes companies want to move you up along their ladder. Whether you’re looking for a raise or promotion from your current employer, or looking elsewhere for an outside position with a higher title and salary, keeping up to date with industry skills will help you advance within your field.

Adapt to the future

With work, things can change quickly (and in some cases, constantly). So when new tools are created or new methodologies introduced, it’s important to be able to adapt to these changes. In fact, according to a 2019 survey, 60% of employees believe their current skill set will be outdated in the next three to five years! Upskilling will allow you to evolve alongside your field, as well as prevent your knowledge and experience from becoming obsolete.

Discover new career paths

Sometimes, gaining new skills actually leads us toward an entirely different path altogether. While adding to your expertise in order to strengthen your career, you might discover that what you’ve learned is used in another field. And not only that, but it could be a field you’re interested in pursuing further. By expanding your experience, you open yourself up to more opportunities to discover new passions — whether within your current field or without.

Why Upskilling Is Important

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