What Do You Learn in Cosmetology School

What Do You Learn in Cosmetology School

A cosmetology school can provide a head-to-toe education on how to become a cosmetologist — literally! Are you thinking about starting along this career path, and wondering if it’s the right one for you? Below, we have a guide to help give you an overview of what you learn in cosmetology school.


When you attend a cosmetology program, you’ll get to know all about hair. From washing and conditioning, to cutting and styling, to coloring and perming, and everything in between, you’ll learn not only the techniques but also the science behind it all.


Many programs also include nail training as well, where you’ll be taught manicures and pedicures, nail health and management, repair methods, and applications.


While an esthetician course will provide a more in-depth look at skincare, it is also often a part of cosmetology programs as well. You can learn the basics of facials and dermabrasions, hair removal, and more.


Additionally, you may also find makeup included in your course of study. Under this topic, you can gain an understanding of application techniques, different types of makeup, and even color theory.

Health and safety

Knowing how to maintain a clean and safe environment is incredibly important for a cosmetologist — after all, you’re handling people’s hair and skin, and even sometimes performing chemical procedures! Because of this, cosmetology schools also teach proper sanitization of your tools and workspace and how to safely handle your tools.

People skills

As a cosmetologist, your day-to-day will involve interacting with people. So while in your training, you’ll also learn how to communicate with clients, put them at ease, and create the best possible experience for them.

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