Help New Employees Succeed

Six Ways to Help New Employees Succeed

Starting out at a new job can be a stressful experience. But by taking the right steps, employers can help make the transition easier and set them up for continued progress. If you’re looking for how to best benefit your hirees, we have six ways to help new employees succeed.

Set expectations

First off, a new employee can’t succeed if they don’t know what’s expected of them. Let them know what metrics they’ll be measured by, what goals are set for them, and what priorities they’ll have. This way, they won’t focus too much time on less important items, underachieve because they don’t know how high their goals are, or overwork themselves to the point of burnout because they think they need to do much more than what is actually expected.

Help them understand the company and its mission

According to a Gallup survey, employees are more likely to stay at a place of employment when they feel a sense of purpose there. If an employee understands the company’s mission, they’re better able not only to align their work so that it furthers the mission, but they’re able to see how their contributions are helping to further it as well.

Create a robust and transparent onboarding program

Onboarding a new employee the right way will help set them up for success going forward. Train them in the tasks they’ll be performing — and set those expectations we mentioned earlier. Introduce them to their teammates and the coworkers they’ll be interacting with. Show them around your systems so that processes aren’t too opaque to understand. Spend their first days helping them find their footing at the company, so they’ll be able to stand on their own later.

Get to know them outside of their role in the company

Few people like feeling as if they’re a cog in a machine. Let new employees know you care about them as individuals. Do they have any interests or hobbies? Do they have goals beyond their work? This might also help you understand more of their personality and work style, which can be useful when assigning tasks and expectations.

Find a mentor for them

When you’re new, it’s incredibly beneficial to have an insider’s perspective, there to provide tips and tricks on navigating the unfamiliar space. Pairing recent hires with a mentor will give them an opportunity to ask more questions and be led in the right direction — as opposed to being to find their own way alone.

Allow mistakes and celebrate wins

Remember your employees are human, and humans make mistakes. When someone’s learning new systems and processes, errors are bound to occur, and it’s important to reassure them that it’s okay. Not only will it keep their morale up, but it will give them the confidence to admit any mistakes in the future. Then, on the other hand, be sure to celebrate when they succeed in tasks and master the skills they’ve been learning. This way, they’ll know their work is appreciated and meaningful.

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