Boost Lineman Salary

Skills That Can Boost Your Lineman Salary

A lineman (someone who constructs and maintains network infrastructure for electric power and telecommunication systems) can expect to see both steady employment and a good salary over the years — in fact, the average annual salary for a lineman is $71,573, without having to make a massive financial investment in order to get a degree for it. But in this field you’re not limited to only one career path with one projected salary, and with the addition of certain skills, you can increase your pay even more. According to PayScale, these are the top six skills that will give your lineman salary the biggest boost!

1. Systems troubleshooting

  • Average pay for a lineman with systems troubleshooting skills: $32/hour
  • 17% boost*

2. Troubleshooting

  • Average pay for a lineman with troubleshooting skills: $29.95/hour
  • 10% boost*

3. Problem solving

  • Average pay for a lineman with problem solving skills: $30.09/hour
  • 10% boost*

4. Energy supply (gas and electricity)

  • Average pay for a lineman with energy supply (gas and electricity) skills: $29.70/hour
  • 9% boost*

5. Heavy equipment operation

  • Average pay for a lineman with heavy equipment operation skills: $29.14/hour
  • 7% boost*

6. PowerBuilder

  • Average pay for a lineman with PowerBuilder skills: $29.10/hour
  • 7% boost*

7. Leadership

  • Average pay for a lineman with leadership skills: $28.91/hour
  • 6% boost*
Loan vs. Payment Plan

Lineman fast facts

  • In addition to the base lineman salary, you could also earn an additional bonus that ranges from $178–$9k, according to PayScale.
  • Surveyed linemen were, on average, “highly satisfied” with their job.
  • Lineman school can take between 10–15 weeks and does not require a formal degree — though there are additional paths such as on-the-job training or apprenticeships.

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*Salary numbers gathered from PayScale.com, as of 02/16/2022.

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