What Can You Do With a Welding Certificate

What Can You Do With a Welding Certificate?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding jobs are expected to grow 3% from 2019–2020. Not only that, but getting trained in welding can open the door to a number of different types of job opportunities. So, what can you do with a welding certificate? We have here a sample of just some of the options available — and how much you can expect to earn for your salary!


Average salary: 72,422/year*

Inspects and maintains pipelines

Welding inspector

Average salary: $69,577/year*
Oversees other welders to ensure they’re carrying out welding techniques properly, adhering to time constraints, and following safety standards


Average salary: $67,407/year*
Lays and fabricates the structural steel framework of pre-engineered metal buildings, stadiums, bridges, hospitals, towers, and buildings

Underwater welder

Average salary: $64,486/year*
Installs and repairs pipelines and rigs


Average salary: $63,871/year*
Builds, installs, repairs, and maintains boilers


Average salary: $61,944/year*
Installs and fits piping for commercial and residential use

Sheet metal worker

Average salary: $52,901/year*
Installs ducts for air conditioning, fans, heating, and ventilation

Jeweler; precious stone/metal worker

Average salary: $52,072/year*
Designs, manufactures, and repairs jewelry

Interesting in getting a job with a welding certification?

*Salary information gathered from Payscale.com and Glassdoor.com as of June 2021.

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