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How Climb’s Approval Booster Helped Heavy Construction Academy’s Veteran Population

By Grant Wissak

At Climb, our goal is to empower driven people to reach their full potential. In our 6-year history, we’ve done this by offering payment options to attend skill-building courses across the country, and we take our mission of increasing access to career-advancing programs seriously.

Because we are directly aligned with our school partners, we feel even more confident in the education they’re providing than your traditional lender might be. We want to help as many people as possible to gain access to this education. This philosophy allows us to offer our school partners an option to approve 100% of their students for Climb loans. By doing this, Climb has expanded access far beyond what has typically been the only demographic eligible for financing.

Heavy Construction Academy (HCA), a longstanding partner of Climb’s based in New Hampshire, was looking for a creative solution to increasing veteran access to their programs. As a VA-approved institution, many of their students use the GI Bill© to fund their program at HCA. However, there might still be a gap between their military benefits and the cost of their tuition. That’s where Climb’s Approval Booster comes in.

According to Brian Martin, Director of Operations at HCA, “We have many opportunities where Military students may have varying levels of benefits. The Approval Booster program allows us to give opportunities to veterans that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to attend programs, get certified in 8 different pieces of heavy equipment, and find themselves a great paying and rewarding new career.” Since activating the product, Heavy Construction Academy has been able to educate at least one additional veteran per class.

Helping students get to school and gain the training they need for successful careers is our mission here at Climb. With products like these, we’ve empowered students of all demographics to attain a life-changing education. Credit history shouldn’t be the only determinant of financing options for students. Each day at Climb, we’re working to change that.

How Climb can help your learners?

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