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Climb Works With Educational Disruptor RRFC!

Here at Climb, we love getting to join with new schools in fascinating and lucrative industries. And just who is one of our more recent — and life-changing — partner schools? We’re so excited to introduce you to Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools (RRFC)! To help you get to know them better, we have in their own words a bit more about who they are and what they offer their students. So without further ado, let’s hear from RRFC!

 Photo courtesy of Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools

Photo courtesy of Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools

Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools (RRFC) is arts education upgraded for the 21st Century. We provide in-industry mentored training in music, film, broadcasting, and the culinary arts. Classified as a trade school, that hardly describes what we do.

For more than thirty years we’ve made it our mission to connect driven people with experienced professionals who train them, one-on-one, from within their place of business, usually located within the same city in which they live. Our students get trained at professional recording studios, radio broadcasting stations, film production companies, and hotel and restaurant kitchens.

Graduates of our programs have had their songs released and beats bought by artists like Fetty Wap (Dominick Eagles). They’ve engineered for today’s hottest artists like Aminé (Morning Estrada), Charli XCX (Scott Johnson), Khalid (Orlando Gomez), and Justin Bieber (Ryan Venable). We’ve had Film Connection graduates like Victor Cobb (Misguided Behavior) and Ofu Obekpa (Klippers) get their scripts made and feature length films produced, while others have seen their features and television pilots optioned (Anne Marie Cummings).

We believe the best way to break into the industry is to train inside of the industry with a professional. Learning in the workplace enables our students to build connections with the professionals who are working at the local level. Our holistic programs consist of curriculum-backed lessons, immersive experience time, and foundational education delivered via eBook. From our headquarters in Los Angeles, our Academic Facilitators are on-hand to assist students remotely, one-on-one, if they need assistance on various assignments. Career Services assistance is also included for one year after graduation.

RRFC provides education that’s geared for the real world because it takes place in the real world and is taught by working professionals who know the ins-and-outs. The training we provide can’t be found in a textbook. The access our students get on day one can’t be found in any classroom. We also believe in making our programs affordable so that graduates are not weighed down by debt.

At RRFC we’re downright thrilled to begin working with Climb Credit! Thanks to Climb, approved individuals can get going at building careers they’re passionate about without having to make a sizable down payment. This partnership between RRFC and Climb Credit offers students a highly affordable payment plan for attending school in their state of residence (if admitted), and because payments can be spread over 24 months, students can focus on their training and making those solid connections that are, so often, an intrinsic part of their success.

 Photo courtesy of Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools

Photo courtesy of Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools

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