4 Skills You Learn in a Coding Bootcamp (That Aren’t Coding)

1. Adaptability

The number one thing we hear from coding bootcamp graduates is that their program taught them how to learn. Again and again, new programming languages are being created and modified — to be in this industry, you have to keep up. In coding bootcamps, you don’t just learn a couple languages, you learn how to learn new languages and gain the critical thinking skills necessary to adapt quickly to something which may be unfamiliar to you.

"I learned how to code in college, but all of my career, I've never really used programs that I learned in college. One of the things that I think is really cool about learning how to code...once you learn one, it's so much easier to learn the next."

Angela Ceresnie, Climb CEO

2. Self-sufficiency

Along with how to adapt, coding bootcamp grads also learn self-sufficiency. Or, as Luis Rocha put it in a recent interview, how to “adult.” Throughout your coding career, not only will you need to adjust to new environments, but you’ll also need to do so without anyone holding your hand. Coding bootcamps strive to teach their students how to stay on top of projects, take care of themselves, and figure out solutions.

3. How to network

Yep, it’s time to address that dreaded word: networking. Like it or not, though, networking is an integral part of your career, from your first job hunt and throughout years in your field. With meet and greets, panels, career days, and several other networking events, coding bootcamps work to instill in their students the confidence and know-how to have an engaging conversation. In fact, several bootcamp grads found their future employers by networking at just these types of events. (Or, in the case of one student, at a local dog park. To quote Joshua Jaffe, “always be networking; you never who you will meet out there!”)

4. How to apply your skills

It’s not enough to know how to type some code in — knowing how to apply your code effectively is crucial as well. With programming, it’s important to understand how to use your technical skills in an engaging and user-friendly way. It’s

Being a great programmer isn’t only knowing how to write code. In a coding bootcamp, you become a fully-developed, er, developer. By having the strengths listed above, you can better promote your skills and reach your full potential.

"I think the important thing is being curious about different facets of the world and wanting answers! If you're looking to enter the field, don't worry so much about not having the right technical skills. The internet is a wonderful resource, and there are all these coding bootcamps you can go to now to pick up the those skills. The engagement and interest is much more important!"

Susan Chen, Climb Data Analyst
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