Connor Sullivan

Connor Sullivan’s Career Transformation From Digital Marketing Analyst to Software Developer

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, Connor Sullivan was then working at a marketing agency as a digital marketing analyst. How did he go from a marketing agency in Jacksonville, to Nashville Software School’s part-time Web Developer Bootcamp, and now to his current career as a software developer? Learn more about Connor’s experiences below!

It was actually in his previous job that Connor first got a taste of software development.

“Luckily, the agency I worked for also built custom websites for our clients, so every once in a while I received the opportunity to make small edits to my client’s sites, which piqued my interest in software development, to the point where I started taking onlines courses and teaching myself how to code.”

When it came time to get further training, though, there was still the question of how to pay for it. After weighing his options, Connor ultimately opted for Climb.

“Climb Credit was one of the financing partners associated with the Nashville Software School bootcamp, and after discovering Climb Credit, it seemed like the abundantly clear option, as their financing options and interest rates were much more feasible compared to other options I was considering.”

In the midst of his software development training, he found that he was learning not only technical skills. Most importantly, he was strengthening his ability to learn, to challenge himself, and to constantly keep growing.

“I learned many technical skills, languages, and software development fundamentals during my program at NSS, but the one lesson that has stuck with me the most was the overall theme of continuously and voluntarily putting myself in a position to learn, try new things, and challenge myself regularly which is the only way to readily advance in any professional field, and life in general.”

It’s been this willingness to put himself out there — and the outlook that any potential failure is “simply an opportunity to learn” — that has carried Connor through the imposter syndrome that can often pervade those entering the tech world.

“Software development can seem daunting at times due to the vast possibilities and almost endless options, but that fear or imposter syndrome that presents itself to a new developer can be overridden by simply being willing to fail, and try new things constantly, as failure is simply an opportunity to learn, not just a dismal state for the ego in and of itself. Being willing to face failure with an optimistic attitude provides a constant source of humility, and a reminder of how much better we have the potential to be.”

But at the end of the day, what aspect of Nashville Software School had the biggest impact on him? The people and the community he found within the program.

“The standout experience was unequivocally the instructors, staff, students, and all other people involved in the program. There are many great bootcamps and other online courses that can help you learn to code, but Nashville Software School has a community and culture that provides a constant source of support, accountability, challenges, and an opportunity to network with people in the Nashville area that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.”

And though he applied to several jobs through traditional means, it was even through this community that Connor was able to find his current job.

“I spent many days and weekends applying to jobs through the typical online job vendors and websites, where I sent in resumes, cover letters, and what seemed like an endless stream of applications to job listings that fit my skill set, but luckily I found my current job opportunity through someone I met during my Demo Day (graduation presentation) at NSS.”

These days, he’s continuing his habit of always being ready to learn new things and grow, which has enabled him to advance further in his work.

“Most of my daily work consists of refactoring, fixing bugs, and improving the structure of the code in our legacy APIs, along with the overall order flow process in relation to our eCommerce stores. As I have gained more experience and certifications over the last year, I’m starting to receive more opportunities to provide new features and ideas as well to our code base.”

For Connor, being a software developer isn’t just about the paycheck — it’s about the fulfillment he feels, the new opportunities he now has, and the support he receives from his current company.

“Coming out of NSS, I was lucky to receive an offer that was fairly comparable to the pay and benefits at my last job before switching careers, but simply because I find my work more fulfilling and growth oriented, not to mention the greater opportunities available in my new career, I can honestly say I love my job and am lucky to have landed with a company and team that is more supportive than any workplace I’ve had previously. That sort of team environment isn’t always a given at a new job, but having a sense of pride in my work itself on a daily basis has truly changed my life for the better. I can’t imagine even thinking of continuing what I had done previously, now that I’m on the other side of my program at NSS.”

Looking back to before he enrolled in his bootcamp, there’s only one bit of advice Connor would give his past self:

“Luckily Climb Credit and Nashville Software School both seemed like the obvious choice compared to the other financing and school options I was looking at, so the only advice I’d give would be to make the decision to take the leap sooner!”

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