Aviation Training Financing

The Important Role of Financing Options for Increasing Access to Aviation Training

What are students looking for when deciding whether or not to enroll in an aviation training program? How do financing options play a role in this decision. Learn more in this clip from our webinar “Increasing Growth: Process Automation and Financing for Aviation Schools,” featuring Lily Cohen of Climb Credit and Monica Meadows of 2MQ Consulting!

Three key takeaways

How to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp

Financing and cost are the #1 factors

students look at when choosing a school.

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40% of students apply for financing before applying to school.

You have access to these
pre qualified leads.

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Students typically compare 4–5 schools

when making their

1 – Statistics above are based on self-reported survey results of climbcredit.com website visitors in September 2018. Synthesis of results based on 73/76 respondents.
2 – Based on a review of one month of applications from one of our partner schools.

Want to learn more about how Climb payment options can help you increase enrollment?

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