Is Climb Loan Worth It

From Course Report: Was Taking a Climb Loan for a Bootcamp Worth It for Christine?

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Before attending her UX design bootcamp at General Assembly, there was one question in particular that Christine had to answer: how to pay for it. She ended up applying for a Climb loan, but does she think taking out a loan for a bootcamp was worth it? She recently talked to Course Report about everything from the loan process, to the course itself, to finding her new career — with advice for others who are thinking of following a similar path!

It was also definitely worth it to take a loan through Climb. It helped me out, and it was a little stress off of my shoulders. I worked hard during the program and after to make sure I landed a job as soon as possible. For anyone looking for a career change, I definitely think you should do it.

I absolutely feel like it was worth it, I love what I do and I love the people I work with. I love every aspect of it, from creativity to analysis and psychology. There’s a lot of collaboration and you’re working with brilliant people.

Christine Tayaba

Want to hear about Christine’s experience and get her advice? Click the link below!

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