Jobs You Can Get With a Cybersecurity Certification

Jobs You Can Get With a Cybersecurity Certification

Careers in the cybersecurity field can expect not only lucrative salaries, but also high expected growth over the coming years. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 32% growth in employment from 2022–2032 — “much faster” than the national average in the US. If you’ve found that you’re interested in entering the industry, we’ve taken a quick look at several specializations you can pursue within this career!


Average base salary: $110,301
Work with companies to test their programs, determine the risk of potential breaches, and implement solutions to enhance security.


Average base salary: $81,316
Work to protect hardware, software, and networks against cyber attacks; to monitor company infrastructure; and to enhance security.


Average base salary: $101,948
Responsible for identifying threats and vulnerabilities, then developing and implementing solutions to defend against cybercrime; for internal assessments and penetration testing, and for implementing security procedures.


Average base salary: $126,801
In charge of developing and implementing cybersecurity plans and policies, as well as of overseeing the work of consultants, analysts, and engineers.

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*Salary and job outlook data gathered from payscale.com and indeed.com as of May 2024.

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