Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth ItHere at Climb Credit, we believe education should not only provide the knowledge and skills students need to succeed, but at the same time not make them sacrifice their finances on exorbitant tuition prices in order to receive them. In other words, they should help people reach their goals in a financially responsible way. We recently spoke to SwitchUp — an online platform for tech bootcamp research — about why we work with several coding bootcamps. Read the excerpt below for a preview of our answers to “are coding bootcamps worth it” and why so many provide a great return on investment — then follow the link to see the full article!


Instead of paying tens — or even hundreds — of thousands of dollars for a 4-year degree, coding bootcamp students have the opportunity to gain a skills-based education without committing themselves to a high tuition and subsequently higher loan payments. Climb’s goal is to help make sure students can receive an education that not only helps them reach their career goals, but that does so without sacrificing their financial goals in the process.


Beyond investing money, you also have to invest time and effort into pursuing an education. With a typical education, you have to put in years before you’re able to reap the career and salary benefits of your education, and unfortunately, not everyone has that amount of time, especially when those years of full-time education often mean years spent outside of the workforce, not earning a full-time income. Bootcamps, however, offer a relatively short timeframe — many are completed within 3 months. Students are able to build their skills and start their job hunt at a much faster rate.

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