Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Education

It’s inarguable that teachers are incredibly important to our communities. But being an educator is not the only path you can take with an education degree. Rather, it opens up several opportunities for you to use your skills. Here are just some of the careers available to graduates with education degrees!

Note: some job titles require additional certifications.

Degree in Education


Let’s start with the obvious first — with a degree in education, you can become a teacher! Whether you’d rather teach kindergarteners or high schoolers or any age level in between, entering the education field can give you a chance to help others realize their own passions and make a difference in young people’s lives.


If you’re more interested in the administrative side of education, that career path is also open to you with an education degree. One of our partner schools, American College of Education (ACE), offers several advanced degrees and certificates in Leadership and Administration. If managing a school in general sounds more appealing, you might consider administration.

Degree in Education


Or, perhaps you’d rather work with kids on a more personal, one-on-one level. With an advanced degree in education, you might consider becoming a school counselor. Through this job, you’ll have the opportunity to help students outside the classroom, helping them with decisions about their future or working through personal goals and challenges.


Teachers can make great writers — after all, you need to have the skill in order to teach it to your students! A great feature of this is that you can find a subject to best suit your skills and interests. There’s technical writing, historical works, and even fiction. Don’t believe us that teaching can be a segue into writing? Check out these famous writers who started out as teachers!

Representative for textbook and school supply companies

Having knowledge of school systems is an important asset when it comes to working with textbooks. A degree in education can help you understand what schools’ and students’ needs are, as well as how your textbooks could help meet them.

Degree in Education

Corporate training instructor

If teaching adults is more in your interest, there’s also corporate training. Many businesses bring in trainers to build certain skills amongst their employees. In fact, ACE even offers a course in Adult Education and Corporate Training!

Curriculum designer

When it comes to high-value schools, they’re consistently trying to make sure what they’re teaching is up-to-date and effective for students. That’s where curriculum design comes in. With this job, you can work to ensure what’s being taught in the classrooms is relevant to what students will need to know — and that it’s taught in a way that best helps the students understand the material.

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