Our Best Career Advice From #CareerClimb2019

Throughout this week, we’ve had the chance to hear from several people about the pieces of career advice they’ve gotten over the years that had the greatest impact on them and their work. Here are just a handful of our favorites. And be sure to comment below with some career advice of your own!

Best Career Advice

“I think the best advice that I’ve received as a millennial woman of color is to create my own opportunities, even if it’s unconventional. I was told to never wait to get a leadership position to be a leader and not to wait on a promotion in order to show my value. Some of the best actionable advice I’ve used to date is to join professional organizations and volunteer whatever skill set I have. Now I sit as one of the youngest members of the marketing committee in a technology nonprofit in South Florida. I’ve been in rooms I wouldn’t normally be invited to, and my opinion matters. I’ve been able to spearhead branding initiatives for statewide programs and get asked to speak at events. And not because of my job, but because of the work I do outside of it.

“I know it’s long winded, but I feel like it’s the best advice a mentor gave me and I’ve been running like hell with it.”

—Camille Vogl, @camille_vogl

“The best advice I received was from a judge I worked with over the summer. He would always ask me to speak clearly and confidently … here’s a paraphrase: ‘If you’re right I can agree with you, and if you’re wrong I can correct you, but I can’t do anything if I can’t hear you.’”

—Osayi Emokpae Lasisi

Best Career Advice

“This is something I’ve learned and advice I now give to others who are in or considering career transition: when I was on sabbatical and trying to decide what I wanted to do next, I realized that most people spend most of their awake hours at work. In light of that truth, I started to ask myself one question. Brandi, what do you want to spend the majority of your awake hours doing? Once I had my answer (Leadership Development Facilitation and Career Coaching) and gained that clarity, I only pursued career opportunities that included these things. I’m now spending my awake hours doing all that I love.”

—Brandi Nicole Johnson, @bnicolejohnson

“Here are 5 career tips that I’ve learned over the past five years building Breaking Into Startups and Career Karma:

  1. Think about “risk” … Most people overestimate the risk and underestimate the reward. If you take a career risk … what’s the reward? Can you return to doing what you were previously doing? (If yes, take the risk.)
  2. Resist making short-sighted career moves. Make career moves that will position you for your dream role in three years vs. one year. It will be harder and probably will require bigger sacrifices. But you will have zero regrets!
  3. Don’t do it alone! You’re the average of the five … who is in your squad? If you need advice on forming a squad, follow the example of @BarcodeAvengers & @FFT_Squad
  4. People will give you conflicting career advice … listen to them, but form YOUR own opinion. Hint: If the person offering you their advice is not in their dream career … they have no business telling you how to find yours. (Over 50% of people dislike their job!)
  5. You will never lose by investing yourself! You are a white belt! The only way you DON’T become a black belt is if you STOP! Invest in your hard skills. Learn how to code. Start the #21DayCkChallenge.”

—Timur Meyster,‏ @timurmeyster

Quotes appear verbatim as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar and typing errors.

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