Overcoming Imposter Syndrome New Job

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome at a New Job

You’ve gotten through the job search and interview process, and you’ve landed a job. But in many cases, it’s not totally smooth sailing from then on, and you may find yourself having imposter syndrome in your new role. It’s not a unique feeling — in fact, according to one study, up to 82% of people have felt it at some point in their lives. If you find yourself facing these negative feelings as well, here are five tips for overcoming imposter syndrome at a new job.

Remember that there was a reason you were hired

The hiring manager didn’t want you on the team for no good reason. They saw skills, traits, and potential that made you the best fit for the role in their eyes. If you start to feel like you’re not up to par, remember that you were asked to be here and that you’ve earned it.

Keep in mind that imperfections will exist

Everyone makes mistakes, and just because you aren’t instantly perfect at everything doesn’t mean you’re unqualified or unskilled. You’re simply new, and you’re learning and growing. Expect that you’ll trip up a few times, and take every misstep as an opportunity to improve.

Track your progress

Then, as you continue to learn and improve, keep track of the progress you’ve made. Celebrate your successes, both big and small. Think about the proficiencies you’ve gained. Don’t compare yourself to an idealized version you think you should be, but rather compare yourself to where you were when you started and focus on your development.

Ask for help

You’re not alone in feeling imposter syndrome, and there are others out there who can help — whether they’re friends or family, managers or colleagues, or a therapist. Talking through the voices telling you that you’re not good enough can work wonders, as you’ll get an outside perspective on how qualified you actually are and can release some of the anxiety that’s been building up.

Be kind to yourself

Finally, be kind to yourself. Countless others have been in your position, and as said above, you’re not alone in your feelings! We’re often our own worst critics, so try if you can to reframe your perspective and give yourself some grace.

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