Post-COVID Careers

What Careers Will Be in Demand Post-COVID — and How to Get the Skills for Them Now​

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Since 2014, Climb has provided financing for over 300 career training schools offering both in-person and remote courses. And the midst of COVID-19 has seen a rise in the need for both available training for stable careers and the ability to receive career training remotely, as nearly 17 million people in the US filed for unemployment in just the span of three weeks.1 Now more than ever it’s essential to make not only education but career-advancing education widely available, even for those who are staying at home.

But how can you be sure that the investment you’re making by enrolling in an online program will be worth it? How can you get the most out of the time and money you’re putting in? After all, according to Moody’s Analytics nearly 80 million jobs in the US economy are at high or moderate risk today.2 It’s important to find a high-value program that will also lead you into a stable career with growth opportunities post-COVID.

Nearly 80 million

jobs in the US economy are at high or moderate risk today.

In-demand careers are shifting, and so is how people can get trained for them. Even before the age of social distancing, online enrollments grew year after year, and according to a study by the University of Potomac, 70% of students believe that online instruction is equal to or better than traditional classroom learning.3

Below, we’ve outlined several industries that have remained stable and are projected to see an increase in demand following COVID-19 — as well as tips on how to find online training programs and on making the most out of your program once you’ve enrolled.

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