Learn in Dental Assistant School

What Do You Learn in Dental Assistant School?

For many people, getting a dental assistant certification can be the first step towards a great career. Are you thinking about starting along this path, and wondering if it’s the right one for you? Below, we have a guide to help give you an overview for what do you learn in dental assistant school, so you can get a better understanding of what your training — and future career — will entail.

Dental anatomy

First of all, as a dental assistant it’s important to have a detailed understanding of the anatomy you’ll be working with. So, many programs will begin with making sure students know the names, locations, and functions of all the parts of the mouth.

Taking x-rays

Another major role of a dental assistant is taking x-rays. During your training, you’ll learn how to operate the machines in a safe and effective manner.

Sterilizing equipment

As with any other job in the healthcare field, cleanliness is key. You’ll need to know not only how to properly sterilize and store equipment (including disinfectant and heat sterilization), but also how to prepare both yourself and the dental room for your patients.


Of course, dealing with patients extends beyond the dental treatment itself. During your training, you’ll also be taught how to execute administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, handling dental records, and maintaining the front office.


An often-underestimated aspect of the job is communicating, and a dental assistant needs to be able to convey information clearly to their patients and colleagues. In addition to that, though, they also need to know how to help clients feel at ease before, during, and after their appointments.

And more!

The role of a dental assistant is far-reaching — after all, they’re there to assist throughout the appointment (and even before and after)! You’ll find that while in dental assistant school, you’re taught a much longer list that will prepare you for whatever may come up during an appointment.

What Do You Learn in Dental Assistant School

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