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Dental Assistant Certifications and Careers

We’re very excited to be starting partnerships with dental assistant programs at several schools. So, we’d like to give you a quick introduction to this industry — what it entails, what its future holds, and how you can join this fast-growing field!

What does a dental assistant do?

They perform a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Processing x-rays
  • Applying sealants and other applications
  • Topical anesthetic training
  • Proper usage of different dental instruments
  • Miscellaneous Administrative tasks (billing, patient records, appointments, etc.)
  • Preparing patients for procedures and treatments
  • Training in proper oral hygiene

What’s the job outlook?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the anticipated growth in the field is “much faster than average.” Between 2018 and 2028, jobs are expected to increase by 11%, with an employment increase of 38,700 during that time period!

Dental Assistant

How can you get a certification?

While some states don’t require formal education to become a dental assistant, other states require potential dental assistants to pass an exam and receive certification.

Many schools offer certification programs to get training. And these programs are comparatively short — most programs can be completed in nine to eleven months. Some schools even offer accelerated training, part-time education programs, or remote training, making it easy to fit these programs into your schedule!

There are several places where you can find details about individual programs:

This site allows you to browse dental assistant programs by location, as well as offering career and outlook information!

NursingProcess.org not only provides a list of programs by state, but also provides a ranking of the top five programs. Here, you can also see a breakdown of dental assistant training costs, requirements, and future outcomes.

Here, visitors to this site can find information on dental assistant careers, both as an overall outlook and on a state-by-state basis. They list out step-by-step the path to becoming a dental assistant and have a search function for prospective students to find schools.

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