Boost Welding Salary

Skills That Can Boost Your Welding Salary

A welder (someone who fuses materials together to create or fix mechanisms) can expect to see both high growth over the course of their career as well as an increase in available jobs — in fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 3% increase in available welding, cutting, soldering, and brazing jobs from 2019–2029. But in this field you’re not limited to only one career path with one projected salary, and with the addition of certain skills, you can increase your pay even more. According to PayScale, these are the top six skills that will give your welding salary the biggest boost!

HVAC Technician Salary

1. Heavy equipment repair

  • Average pay for a welder with heavy equipment repair skills: $20.29/hour
  • 9% boost*

2. Precision measurement

  • Average pay for a welder with precision measurement skills: $20.35/hour
  • 9% boost*

3. Pipe welding

  • Average pay for a welder with pipe welding skills: $20.29/hour
  • 8% boost*

4. Team leadership

  • Average pay for a welder with team leadership skills: $19.35/hour
  • 7% boost*

5. Robotics

  • Average pay for a welder with robotics skills: $19.63/hour
  • 6% boost*

6. Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

  • Average pay for a welder with gas tungsten arc welding skills: $19.61/hour
  • 5% boost*

Welding fast facts

  • In addition to the base welding salary, you could also earn an additional bonus that ranges from $130–$5,000, according to PayScale.
  • Surveyed welders were, on average, “highly satisfied” with their job.
  • Welding training can take between seven months and two years, depending on whether you’re receiving a certificate or an associate’s degree.
  • You may also go through an apprenticeship, which typically lasts between three and four years.

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*Salary numbers gathered from PayScale.com, as of 08/28/2021.

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