Climb Credit’s Mission

Our Career-Focused Mission

Providing Access to Career training in a financially responsible way

There is often a disconnect between career-training education and the availability of good payment options. That’s why we work hard to ensure that everyone involved in the education financing process benefits from it — especially the learners. We do this through initiatives such as alternative payment options and career development resources for those attending our partner schools.

Our mission is to help learners reach their goals in a financially responsible way.

What types of programs do we work with?

Climb supports three types of programs. These designations — career transformation, upskilling, and career exploration — help gauge what students can expect to receive from their educational investment, allowing us to hold schools accountable for the education they’re selling and to aid us in our mission of helping students reach their goals in a financially responsible way.

Career transformation

To gain new skills in order to change careers — or to enter the workforce for the first time — career training programs can be a viable option for those looking for shorter-term, skill-based education. We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact programs like coding bootcamps, heavy equipment training, teacher training, and more can have our borrowers.

Because we believe in the transformative power of these alternative education programs, we work to help make them more accessible to prospective learners, while striving to hold our school partners accountable for the outcomes they bring to their graduates.


For those interested in leveraging new skills within their present career, whether that be through progressing in their current role or obtaining a new job in a related role, there are a wide variety of programs that can provide the skills needed, and that do so in a more condensed and targeted way.

Since there is incredible value in continuously learning and keeping up with modern technology and industry trends, we’ve long been interested in how we can provide access to the types of programs that can help people keep ahead in their fields — as well as determining the benefits and results education with a focus on upskilling (as opposed to career transformation) has. The key is ensuring learners have the right goals and expectations when choosing an upskilling program.

As we’ve evaluated and honed our mission of “career advancement” over the years, we’ve recognized that “advancement” is more than just a complete transformation. It’s also about learning and building the skills necessary to keep up with new trends and technology, as well as to better carry out your role.

Career exploration

Since our founding, we’ve been able to witness firsthand that “career advancement” means so much more than just salary. A third of our lives are spent at work — and we’ve heard directly from our customers, through student surveys and interviews, that the decision to take a course is not only about making more money, but often about making a change to something more enjoyable.

This is why career-exploration courses are absolutely aligned with our mission of promoting career advancement.

That being said, we want to ensure that we’re helping people explore careers in a financially responsible way.


For all alumni of our partner computer science and business training programs — regardless of whether or not they use our payment options — we also offer ClimbTalent, a free career development platform where students and graduates can access job listings, career development resources, training tools, mentorship opportunities, and more. Click the link below to create a free account!

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