Angela Ceresnie, CEO

Angela (Ceresnie) Prince on the Lend Academy Podcast

“...it feels like your approach at Climb Credit really should be applied to the entire education system.”

Earlier this month, our very own Angela (Ceresnie) Prince got the chance to sit down with Peter Renton for the Lend Academy Podcast, to discuss Climb Credit, what brought her to the CEO position, and how we’re working to increase accessibility to a career-building and life-changing education. Check out the full podcast below to hear more about: 

  • How we evaluate the educational programs with which we work
  • Angela’s take on what needs to change in higher education today
  • How we created our loan models
  • Information about our average loan terms
  • What Angela is most excited about working on in the future of Climb
  • And much more!

“So our target market is career and vocational schools … We’re starting in an area where, I think, we can make the most immediate impact because it’s the education that does pay for itself already.”

–Angela (Ceresnie) Prince, Climb CEO

Note: as of February 2022, Climb Credit’s CEO is Casey Powers.

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