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Where to Learn to Code for Free

By App Academy

App Academy began with the goal of enabling anyone — regardless of location or background — to access an education in programming. That’s why everyone believes so strongly not only in the coding bootcamps, but also in creating even more avenues for those with the desire to learn to code. This is where free, short-term courses come into play. So, where can you learn to code for free? Check out the list below for some of the top platforms available.

App Academy Open

In signing up for App Academy Open, you’ll access more than 1,500 hours of completely-free curriculum that includes machine learning, data science, data structures, computer programming languages, and building frameworks for iOS and Android mobile apps — as well as how to apply these skills, step-by-step, in real-world applications. And if you’d like additional support, you’ll also have the option of utilizing the $29.99/month mentorship program for features such as an instructor-led chatroom with the opportunity to work alongside other App Academy Open students!

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Codecademy is a popular platform for beginning a coding journey. You can start from square one, or you can evaluate your skills to find the level that suits you the best. And their instant-testing of coding skills (including HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Angularjs, The Command Line, and more) allows you to learn and practice in real-time to make sure you’re understanding concepts correctly.

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freeCodeCamp.org is a nonprofit that offers around 3,000 hours of coding curriculum, but they also go beyond that. Once you’ve finished learning to code, they’ll give you the opportunity to work on projects for other nonprofits. This way, you’ll get hands-on, real-world experience while earning your free certification.

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Khan Academy

Like freeCodeCamp, Khan Academy is also a nonprofit — however, rather than focusing on tech, they instead offer a wide range of programs. While their selection of coding classes may not be as robust as other platforms, they are a great place for beginners and even provide courses for young children, to begin building their skills early!

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Coursera also opts not only to offer courses in which to learn to code, but also a range of programs provided through other colleges, universities, and companies. Although, while there are several free courses available in addition to paid, any certifications would only be accessible through their paid options.

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Similar to Coursera and Khan Academy, Udemy offers courses covering a variety of topics, which includes a section on coding. And although most of their courses are paid (costing roughly $20–$200 each), they do have some free options available as well — although you’ll only be able to view the video content. Any certifications or instructor interactions are only included in their paid programs. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure to check star ratings, reviews, and instructor credentials, since anyone can add a class to Udemy’s site!

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