Process Automation Aviation Training

Process Automation in Aviation Training Programs

Why is automating your school’s processes and workflows important? How can your programs utilize process automation to benefit your programs and your students? Learn more in this clip from our webinar “Increasing Growth: Process Automation and Financing for Aviation Schools,” featuring Lily Cohen of Climb Credit and Monica Meadows of 2MQ Consulting!

Key benefits of automating your workflows

  • Assign tasks to people and roles
  • Prioritize work
  • Track progress
  • Remind people of due dates
  • Transition work from one person or department to another
  • Gather and share data through forms, file attachments, comments, call notes
  • Electronic document signature for customer convenience
  • Detect and escalate issues early
  • Facilitate decisions, discussions, reviews, and approvals
  • Provides SOP on the business operations and customer onboarding
  • Decrease operating costs

Want to know more? Visit 2MQ Consulting to learn how they can help your school!

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