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How to Avoid Turning a Job Hunt Into a Dating App

By Skilled Inc.

Where you work and what you do is one of the most defining pieces of your life. The job you accept puts you on a trajectory that forever dictates your earning potential, career opportunities, and even personal ambition. So why is it so easy to fall into the trap of treating job applications and interviews as a spray and pray game? Why have job-seekers tinderized their job search?

Most job-seekers treat their job hunt like online dating, opening an app while watching tv, waiting for a coffee order, or bored at the end of the day. We distractingly swipe right through all the various options knowing that someone, somewhere, will swipe right too — then we put on a nice outfit and head out for the engagement. You may leave feeling confident, but soon realize you’ve been ghosted or that the opportunity is not what it seems. Oh well, back to swiping! For obvious reasons, it’s easy to become jaded with this approach.

If it isn’t broken, this cycle continues for months (an average of six months to be precise), with wasted time, energy, and potential on a process that will continuously fail. We play this numbers game thinking that getting more and more opportunities is the right approach. We tell ourselves that any experience allows us to learn from our mistakes and correct them next time. There are always more fish in the sea, right?

But what happens if instead of tinderizing the job-search, we take the quality over quantity approach and become a master at interviewing? Just like athletes practice vigorously for games and students study endlessly for tests, job seekers need to prepare just as rigorously for interviews. When job interviews are treated like the most important test of a job seeker’s life, it increases the job offers they receive by 70%. Those are the results we’ve seen when job seekers use the Hack the Interview process from Skilled.

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So, how can we break the dating app mentality and start using the quality over quantity approach?

  1. Get to know the job before your interview: At Skilled, we take this step very seriously. When a job seeker receives the opportunity to interview for a role, their upcoming interview is then broken down by closely examining the hiring company, job description, interviewer(s), and stage of the interview. All of these pieces inform potential questions and answers that every job seeker should prepare for.
  2. Leverage networks and mentors: Hack the Interview utilizes the Skilled community of mentors — industry experts in tech, to prepare job seekers throughout their interview process. Skilled mentors replicate the interview experience for the user. Feedback is provided after the interview, along with recommendations to either move forward or complete 1:1 tutoring with a world-class expert. This process is repeated for every interview stage at every company until the job seeker receives an offer.

At Skilled, our goal is to empower every job-seeker within the community and provide training resources they need to land any job. Through our flagship product Hack the Interview, we put job-seekers through a training gauntlet that guarantees a job offer in 90 days or their money back.

If you’re interested in learning more about how 98% of Hack the Interview users receive job offers within 90 days, visit hacktheinterview.io or email us at hello@skilledinc.com. Also feel free to attend our HTI event that teaches job-seekers how to hack their very own interviews.

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