Career Switch in Same Company

Effectively Changing Roles Within the Same Company

Many people will choose to change careers at some point in their lives. However, if they enjoy their current workplace and don’t want to leave, they may be considering an internal transfer. In that case, it’s important to take every possible step to ensure the move is a successful one. If you’re thinking this might be the right path for you, here are five tips for effectively changing roles within the same company.

Research the role

Before diving right in and switching teams, be sure you fully understand the roles and responsibilities you’ll now have. This way, you’ll be less likely to find yourself in a situation of disliking your new job, struggling with tasks more than you anticipated, or having a work-life balance that doesn’t suit you. Preparedness is key to knowing that this is the right switch for you.

Talk to your manager early

You don’t want your manager (or colleagues) to be blindsided by the sudden loss of a team member. You run the risk of souring relationships — which you especially don’t want while still working at the same company. Rather, set the transfer up to run smoothly by speaking with your manager ahead of time and coming up with a transition plan that will work for everyone.

Be patient

Remember that these things take time. An internal transfer requires thorough planning and consideration from multiple stakeholders, including your current boss, your prospective boss, and your company’s HR department. According to LinkedIn, the average hiring process takes three to six weeks, and that’s without the added complexities of moving someone to a different division. Rather than worrying yourself, take this opportunity to get to know your future teammates and further prepare for your upcoming role.

Volunteer to take on tasks

The benefits of this are twofold — you’ll get a chance to develop your skills, and you’ll be able to showcase what you can do and prove your qualifications. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of whether or not the new role will suit you, and managers will see the advantages of having you on the other team.

Create a transition plan

Before fully switching over, make sure you know how all loose ends will be tied up, how gradual the transition will be, and what will be put in place during your absence. Having a fully-fleshed out plan will make things much easier for you, your current team, and your future team, so sit down with both managers and create a strategy that ensures success.

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