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What Do You Learn in Lineman School?

For many people, becoming a certified lineman can be the first step towards a great career. Are you thinking about starting along this path, and wondering if it’s the right one for you? Below, we have a guide to help give you an overview for what do you learn in lineman school, so you can get a better understanding of what your training — and future career — will entail.

Safety rules

First of all, as a lineman it will be important to have a full understanding of safety rules and regulations in order to prevent accidents on the job. So, many programs will include what to do (and what not to do) in order to keep yourself and others safe.

Electrical and power equipment

Another major aspect of your role will be using equipment when installing or repairing lines. So you’ll also be taught proper usage and maintenance of your tools!

Electrical currents, voltage and resistance

In working with power lines, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of all aspects of electricity — both how it operates and how to navigate it safely.

Driving utility trucks

Power lines aren’t the only part of the job, however. Lineman will need to know how to drive a utility truck to and from locations, as well as how to operate the attached equipment. In fact, many companies will require their linemen to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Problem solving

When fixing a power line, you’ll need to be able to figure out what the problem is and how best to remedy it. So in your program, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot issues and find solutions.

And more!

Lineman schools aren’t one-size-fits-all. When deciding which training program you should enroll in, reach out to your prospective schools to learn more about what specific skills you’ll be learning, as well as how these skills will be taught.

What Do You Learn in Lineman School

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