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How TMIKY Adjusts to Changing Needs in Healthcare Training

Looking for some insights into medical and dental assistant training? We got a chance to chat with one of our partner schools, TMIKY, about their growth over the years, how they’re addressing current needs, and what they’re looking towards in the future!

Do you have any plans to expand to more campuses or fields of study, and what was has previous expansion processes been like?

TMIKY has grown tremendously over the years, and we have opened multiple campuses across different regions in the state of Kentucky! We currently have eight campuses open that provide Medical Assisting and Dental Assisting programs for our potential students. Due to our unique design and the high demand for jobs in healthcare, opening a new campus is relatively a successful transition! At this time we do not plan to expand any more brick and mortar locations; however, we are looking to expand our distance learning programs.

What have been some of the challenges of transitioning previously–in-person courses to remote learning, and how did you meet them?

Our current Medical and Dental Assisting programs not only include hands-on skills, but we also include an online platform for the student coursework. Since we already had remote learning within our program, it was very helpful to transition during COVID-19. There were challenges when “meeting” with potential students during this time, but communication via phone, text, and social media were very helpful!

What are some tools you use for your in-person classes, and what are some tools you’re using for remote learning?

Our in-person classes consist of open labs for hands-on training and an externship to learn the skills to become a medical or dental assistant. The students have up to six months to learn all the skills necessary. Remote learning does not consist of any skills, but we do provide weekly communication with an online instructor and offer an optional externship after the program is completed.

What have been some of the benefits of offering financing for your students?

We know not all students are financially stable and need assistance in order to pay for school. Having our financial lenders and our flexible scholarships helps our students make their dreams of having a new career come true! With the affordable monthly payments and terms offered, students are more comfortable signing up for school. Our students are able to start school immediately and not stress about the financial burden that you typically see with a four-year program.

How have you seen the healthcare field change over the years, and how has training for healthcare changed?

Over the years, we have always stayed in-tune with any changes in healthcare through our extern sites. Any new skills or techniques used in the field we definitely want to reflect in our training! With our current pandemic that is occurring, it has taught us how to adjust to new guidelines for healthcare. With our students returning back to class, we have adopted the new guidelines that are set forth!

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