What Do You Learn in Trucking School

What Do You Learn in Truck Driving School?

For many people, getting a commercial driver license (CDL) can be the first step towards a great career. Are you thinking about starting along this path, and wondering if it’s the right one for you? Below, we have a guide to help give you an overview for what do you learn in truck driving school, so you can get a better understanding of what your training — and future career — will entail.

Laws and regulations

As a driver, you’ll need to keep up with all laws and regulations. This includes not only rules on the road, such as speed limits or rights of way, but also rules for truck drivers specifically, such as EPA regulations and how many hours in a day you can legally drive.

Pre-drive safety inspections

Before each drive, it’s important to check that all aspects of your vehicle are safe and in working order. In your program, you’ll learn what to look out for to ensure no breakdowns occur while on the road.

Driving in adverse conditions

Not every drive you take will be in clear, sunny weather. During your training, you’ll be taught how to adapt to and deal with less-than-ideal conditions, such as driving at night, in the snow, and in the rain.

Avoiding hazards

Just as not how not every weather you drive in will be perfect, neither will every road you drive on be either. In your CDL program, you’ll learn not only where to drive — which lanes to stay in and how far a distance to maintain between other vehicles — but also how to react to and avoid potential hazards that may appear in the road.

Maintaining a logbook

Not all of the work you’ll do as a truck driver will be in your vehicle. You’ll also need to manage a logbook in order to keep organized records of your driving time and any other deliverables.

And more!

Truck driving schools aren’t one-size-fits-all. When deciding which training program you should enroll in, reach out to your prospective schools to learn more about what specific skills you’ll be learning, as well as how these skills will be taught.

What Do You Learn in Truck Driving School

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